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Ah, geek love. If the Reports/Retorts Drudge aren't doing the job for you, there's always the real world. Useful links to official statistical reference bureaus throughout the US, and many other nations.

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Jack Fox said...

Thanks for noticing us.

We designed Facster™ so that it:

… has easy to use key-word searching. We are the only freely available internet resource that lets you search within the Abstract.

… provides links to source internet sites from your search results.

… lets you bookmark your search results.

… contains the entire electronic version of the Abstract, not the abbreviated tables in the bound edition or the government published .pdf files.

… presents all data in the same easy to read time-series format, unlike the published data series, which are all in different formats.

… lets you combine information from different parts of the Abstract.

… allows easy browsing of the Abstract’s information.

… lets you get "Random Facts" from the entire site or restricted to an area of interest.

… provides links to many other abstracts including most national governments.

Facster™ includes the California Statistical Abstract and will continue to grow with other government statistics.

You would think someone would have done this already!

Facster™ is still in its infancy. We have innovative plans to make it an even more useful freely accessible resource, but we need help.

We are looking for sponsors and/or business partners to help grow the site. Any help in this regard, even just spreading the word, would be greatly appreciated.