Revolutionizing science

NSF Blue Ribbon Panel on Cyberinfrastructure

This 2003 report had a few fascinating comments and recommendations:

[A] "new age has dawned in scientific ... research, pushed by continuing progress in computing, information, and communication technology, and pulled by the expanding complexity, scope, and scale of todayʼs challenges."

"The Panelʼs overarching recommendation is that the [NSF] should establish and lead a large-scale, interagency, and internationally coordinated Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Program to create, deploy, and apply cyberinfrastructure in ways that radically empower all scientific and engineering research and allied education."

"[S]ustained new NSF funding of $1 billion per year is needed to achieve critical mass ... to empower a revolution. The cost of not acting quickly or at a subcritical level could be high, both in opportunities lost and in increased fragmentation and balkanization of the research communities."

Buckle up, kiddies.

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