Internet and politics - the top 10?

PoliticsOnline is holding a contest to see who is having the most impact on the way the Internet and political life intersect.

The nominees: Accenture eDemocracy Services; John Aravosis; BBC Action Network; Etienne Chouard; Ciudad Politica; Steven Clift; Adam Curry; Hossein Derakkshan; Digital Divide Network; The Republic of Estonia; Dan Gillmor; The Hansard Society; The Institute for Politics; Democracy and the Internet; JibJab; Lula!; Republic of Mozambique; Pambazuka; RedState; Norodom Sihanouk; and Tsunami Help Blog.

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Lic. Reale said...

Thanks Ken for this post. We (Ciudad política, www.ciudadpolitica.org ) are very happy for this nomination.

To become the online leader in the development of Political Science in order to transform analysis into Political Intervention

Our aim is to transform knowledge into political action with the support of a network of international academics, professionals, students and the general public interacting in order to facilitate the diffusion, promotion and development of Political Science for everyone.

Promote Political Science study and the professional development of the science.

To be a constant point of reference when it comes to Political Science

Provide access to a professional and academic standard of information to anyone with an interest in Political Science.

Create an interactive exchange network between political scientists working in their specific profession and students.

Communicate Political Science related material in order to contribute to the public debate.

Defend the legitimacy of academic research and professional incumbency in politics and in

Helping to build good public policy through the transformation of political analysis into
political intervention.

Prepare citizens to be active democratically and increase their involvement in politics.

Thanks Ken... Please vote for us!