Burning Alexandria

It seems the Authors Guild has been admiring the MPIA and RIAA's strong-arm tactics and general unwillingness to adapt to new technological opportunities. According to CNET News, Google's Print Library Project is being sued for "massive copyright infringement," for its effort to digitize and permit full-text searches of books in the world's leading academic and public libraries.

As Google has pointed out, they have been quite careful to protect the rights of authors. GooglePrint users are only able to see 2-3 lines scanned from protected books, which hardly constitutes theft.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Google--

This is a wholly noble endeavor (despite the politics) and an inevitability. The use of the space program as an analogue to your efforts to create an online (hopefully free)library is well founded.
Why are some people so intent on wasting time and preserving ignorance?