Politics and the Interweb

Karen Jagoda, President of the e-Voter Institute and long-time Internet consultant, has just published Crossing the River: The Coming of Age of the Internet in Politics and Advocacy.

From the jacket:
The political process is seeing the impact of disruptive technologies that are leading to dramatic changes in the marketplace of ideas and action. ... The focus of this collection of provocative essays and research from a broad range of leading political online strategists and Republican and Democratic insiders is on the most effective use of online tools in order to better allocate valuable campaign resources.

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Anonymous said...

Karen's book is a rare and welcomed inersection of the academic and professional political worlds.

Too often, those of us who are dealing with the day-to-day realities of campaigns fail to look at the science and vice-versa.

Crossing the River gives us all a chance to do this.

- Ben Katz, CompleteCampaigns.com

Disclaimer: I did author of one of the articles in Crossing the River.