NetSci 2006

Next May, Indiana University at Bloomington will host a NetSci 2006, a 5-day workshop and 4-day conference on Network Science:

"The International Workshop and Conference on Network Science will bring together leading researchers and practitioners in network science - analysts, modeling experts, and visualization specialists with graduate students from many different research areas for interdisciplinary communication and collaboration.

The primary objective of the Workshop/Conference is to facilitate interactions between social and behavioral scientists and the many other disciplines interested in and utilizing network science.

The event will be held over a two week period at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, during May 2006. The first week, the Workshop, will feature tutorials (which present basic, educational material) focusing on a variety of network science research areas. It aims to present and support experimental, theoretical and applied network research by educating the research community on standard network data, tools, and powerful computational resources. The Conference comprises talks by social and behavioral scientists, information scientists, biologists, statistical physicists, mathematicians and statisticians."

Registration deadline is April 21st.

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