Qualitative Inquiry

The 2nd International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (May 3-6, 2006) has announced a Call for Papers:

"The theme of the Second International Congress, "Ethics, Politics and Human Subject Research" builds on and extends the theme of the First International Congress which focused on "Qualitative Inquiry in a Time of Global Uncertainty." The 2006 Congress will explore experiences with and criticisms of Institutional Review Boards. It will question the over-reliance of audit cultures on evidence-based, neo-experimental models of inquiry. The 2006 Congress will investigate new ways of decolonizing traditional methodologies. It will take up performative, feminist, indigenous, democratic and participatory forms of critical inquiry. The 2006 Congress will examine how these new forms of inquiry can advance the goals of social justice and progressive politics in this new century."

Deadline for abstracts is December 1st.

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