Remarkable Source

Online QDA is truly a remarkable source. According to its developers:

"This is a free resource developed for those needing support with qualitative data analysis (QDA) and those learning to use a Computer Assisted Qualitative Data AnalysiS (CAQDAS) package. The website is aimed principally at researchers and postgraduates, but will also be suitable for some undergraduates.
  • Resources page – Books, journals and websites by topic
  • Methodologies – A-Z of commonly used analytic approaches
  • Glossary – Terms used in QDA and CAQDAS
  • Intro to QDA – Basics of QDA
  • Intro to CAQDAS – Basics of software for QDA
  • IT Skills – Required for CAQDAS
  • Software – Availability and guides to choosing
  • Step by step – Common procedures in widely used packages
  • Advanced software – For more experienced software users
Tags: CAQDAS, qualitative research

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