MeshFourm 2006

'Tis a bit pricey ($500!), but this year's MeshForum (May 7-8) has opened the doors to general public registration.

Speakers include Manual Lima of VisualComplexity, and tons of academic, business, and government types.

So if you want to learn about the latest in Network Science, and get a chance to explore the great city of Chicago, give 'em a call. Deadline for early registration is March 1st.

Addendum: Shannon notes in the comments that scholarships and discounts may be available for those of diminished means (e.g., grad students).

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Shannon said...


We are working to make scholarships and/or other discounts available to anyone who would like to attend but can't (or their organization can't) afford the registration fee, if you or your readers would like to join us but can't afford to - please email me at shannon @ meshforum.org and I'll put you on the list as scholarships come in.

Thanks for blogging about us!