Interweb research conference

"Trials & Tribulations - Negotiating Research Methods in Cyberspace" will be held at Concordia University in Montreal, this November 10-11.

From the e-mail announcement:
"Technological innovations ... have changed the ways in which people work, play, interact, communicate and define who they are. ... This poses a variety of challenges in researching digital culture given that every discipline employs unique methodologies specific to their field of study.

"We aim to invite those who have an interest in and experience with conducting research online, not only as a tool, but as space of inquiry. We hope to attract a range of scholars, from students who are beginning their research to seasoned academics who can share their experiences working with digital methods. The goal of this symposium is to encourage informal discussion.
Papers are invited that focus on: ethical issues; fieldwork boundaries and possibilities; ethnography in cyberspace; the future of qualitative research online, and more.

To apply, send a 300-500 word abstract to Shanly Dixon, Humanities dixons@alcor.concordia.ca and Kelly Boudreau, Sociology and Anthropology kelly@gamecode.ca.

Deadline: July 1st, 2006

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