Doing my part to get the ball rolling (in Political Science), I'll be coordinating the "Working Group on Social Network Analysis" at this year's APSA Convention in Philadelphia (Aug 31-Sept 3).

This group will discuss the application of social network analytics (SNA) to issues and theories common to political science. What is the current state of the art? How well have political scientists begun to move beyond 'network as metaphor' to more formal structural models? Which SNA techniques and tools are more readily applicable to political questions, and which need to be further developed? What are the strengths and weaknesses of SNA, relative to other commonly used analytical techniques in political science?

Working group participants will attend panels that include papers that use SNA (as well as poster sessions), then meet to discuss those presentations.

Also of interest: the "Working Group on Automated Content Analysis and Computer Annotation," coordinated by Stephen Purpura (Harvard). Follow the top link (this posting) for a more detailed description.

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