Will teach/research for tenure

I'm convinced that Political Science (and social sciences, generally) must develop our technological literacy and proficiency if we want to understand the full range of political behavior today - and tomorrow.

I am also on the job market this year. While I'm scouring every source I can think of to find environment-related (my principle substantive interest) job announcements, it turns out that tech-methodology jobs are not easily identified.

With that in mind, I'm running up a flag here, in case anyone who visits knows of any positions I may have missed. Please feel free to contact me directly (follow the link under my profile, at right), or through the comments below.

In addition to what I've helped to produce here, feel free to look over my Curriculum Vitae and pass either along to anyone you think might be interested in hiring someone to help develop these sorts of skills, capacities, and interests in their department.

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