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Alan Rosenblatt, from the Internet Advocacy Center has posted a list of "Recommended Blogs on Internet Politics" to the APSA-ITP listserv:
"There are a growing number of blogs focused on the intersection of politics and the internet that I think are well worth reading. These can be very valuable as we develop and implement our research agendas.

First, my own blog, www.drdigipol.com, ranges from short snippets on the latest online tools to longer strategy and analysis ssays on internet politics.

Second, www.epolitics.com is Colin Delany's excellent How To blog on Internet strategy.

Third, www.Frogloop.com focuses on how technology can help non-profits. Check out the guest bloggers, as well.

Fourth, www.mobileactive.org focuses on ways mobile technology is being used in politics and advocacy.

Fifth, http://nten.typepad.com/newsletter, like frogloop, focuses on technology for the non-profit sector.

Sixth, PoliticsOnline.com's blog, along with the rest of the site, is a fantastic resource for internet politics info.

Seventh, Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet's blog always includes good cutting edge information.

Eighth, Zack Exley, who has provided internet strategy to MoveOn, John Kerry, and Tony Blair, has his own blog http://zackexley.com.

Ninth, Idealware provides a consumer review service for software and strategies to the non-profit community.

Tenth, the Bivings Group publishes their blog on online political strategy.

Eleventh, Steve Clift, the guru of online local issues forums, writes
for his DO-Wire.
Addendum: Alan will be keeping an running list on www.drdigipol.com.

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