A request, an opportunity

I am one of those strange persons who uses Bootcamp to run Windows XP on an Intel Macbook. While I am huge fan of Apple hardware, most of the software I use professionally is only available for Windows. I'm okay with this - I don't want to get into a flame war about the merits of one over the other.

That said, I think Bootcamp/XP could be better. In particular, although the latest update (1.2) supports the Apple Remote, it does so only for iTunes and Quicktime. It would be really, really spiffy if there were something like iRed Lite available for XP (which supports Apple Remote control for programs such as PowerPoint). In fact, I'd be willing to pay a reasonable price for just such a program - I very much doubt I am alone in this.

So - for anyone good at writing drivers, here's an opportunity. I don't know what the Bootcamp user base is, but I suspect this could be modestly lucrative.

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