e-Social Science 2007

The NSF has teamed up with the UK's National Centre for e-Social Science to host the e-Social Science Conference 2007 this October 7-9, in Ann Arbor, MI.

A Call for Papers has just gone out - suggested topics include:
  • Case studies of research methods, aps, and practices enabled by cyberinfrastructures and tools
  • Benefits and challenges of large-scale, distributed, collaborative, and interdisciplinary research
  • New tools for sociological data sharing, access, security, analysis, and preservation
  • Tools for enabling new sources of data and data collection
  • Ethical challenges and solutions raised for collection, sharing, and analysis of socioeconomic data
  • Case studies of the design and development of e-Research methods, technologies, and tools
The UK is ahead of the US on this issue; this year's conference is a big step forward for social science on this side of the pond.

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