ISO the perfect wiki

I've been perusing the Wiki tools page of Using Wiki in Education, in search of the perfect tool for one of our projects.

The ideal approach would enable us to:
  1. create a simple interface for MySQL database records
  2. provide read-only access to those records
  3. use controlled taxonomies and/or folksonomies
  4. support password-protected profiles
  5. allow profiles to tag and annotate records
  6. review and compare profiles for inter-coder agreement
  7. query by tag or comment
  8. append approved tags and comments to MySQL records
The project is a large text corpus that we are studying from a variety of methodological approaches, from content extraction that can't be fully automated, to semantic tagging and more fully "grounded" approaches.

Such a tool should have very broad applicability throughout the social sciences and law - indeed, any discipline that relies heavily on textual evidence.

Any suggestions would be enormously helpful.

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