Defining “edu tech”

D'arcy Norman is an edutech developer with U Calgary's Teaching & Learning Centre who has interesting things to say about educational technology.
“Educational Technology” is one of those terms that makes me squirm. ... It positions technology as being “hard” and needing “experts” and “support” in order to be used by mere mortals. It raises the anxiety to a level that scares many people away. ... It also aligns with the notion of a consumer-based society – educational technology is something to be produced in a laboratory somewhere, to be consumed in the classroom."
[D'arcy's definition] "if I’m pressed to give one, is probably 'educational technology is whatever stuff you need to use to support the practice of effective teaching and learning.' ... There isn’t really such a thing as 'educational technology' – there is technology, used in the context of teaching and learning."

Well said.

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