Interesting links: 5.22.10

"[A] wiki running on the State Department's intranet ... houses a unique collection of information pertaining to diplomacy, international relations, and Department of State tradecraft."
"The rise of Government 2.0 signals the emergence of IT innovation and the Web as a platform for fostering efficiencies within government and citizen participation. How can we harness these innovations to decrease waste and increase productivity? Gov 2.0 Expo brings stakeholders together to explore transformative technologies and discover new solutions."
"This past week in government 2.0 news was full, as always, particularly for this correspondent as the Gov 2.0 Expo comes to Washington next week. Bernard Kouchner may have written that the "universal spirit of the Enlightenment should run through the new media" but this week, the zeitgeist of the government information revolution online was powered by open data."

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