Nerdcore could rise up

Estonia could get elevated - NCS is reporting that the country has formed the Computer Emergency Response Team of Estonia (CERT-E, also known as the Cyber Defense League), a militia intended to protect the country should someone try to out-do the 2007 attacks on the country:
"The league, made up of a group of Estonian programmers, computer scientists and software engineers would be the country’s main leg of defense in the event of a second cyberwar, but an all-volunteer unit may not pack enough nerdpower for confident security. Instead, Estonian officials are considering a draft among the country’s IT work force, Defense Minister Jaak Aaviksoo told NPR this week."
"We are thinking of introducing this conscript service, a cyber service,” Aaviksoo said. “This is an idea that we’ve been playing around [with]."
Sort of like the Global Frequency, but with uniforms.

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