Workshops on "fuzzy sets"

For those of you who haven't yet read Fuzzy-Set Social Science* by Charles Ragin, I highly recommend you do so. For those who have, and want more, you have two chances this August.

Ragin is offering a short course on Fuzzy Sets and Case-Oriented Research at the American Sociological Association's meeting in Philadelphia (Aug 15).

For political scientists, Ragin is offering the same course (SC5) at the American Political Science Association meeting in Washington, DC (Aug 31).

These are both excellent opportunities, not to be missed.

* The FS-QCA approach builds on the idea that logical statements can be expressed by set-theory. This encourages rigor in both theory and observation, as well as a means of testing one against the other. The "fuzzy" aspect allows researchers to assign continuous values to data, rather than sticking with rigid dichotomies.

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