Identify theft

Yahoo! News is reporting that a laptop containing the personal information (e.g., names, social security numbers, birth dates) of over 20,000 active duty National Guard and Reservists, as well as 30,000 Navy personnel, was stolen from a Veterans Administration employee on May 3rd.

Beyond the crime itself, veterans are upset that the VA waited three weeks to inform them.

I've posted about ID theft before (and here and here), as well as the need for Congress to enact real privacy protections.

Addendum: According to today's Washington Post, the theft actually affected 2.2 million military personnel - up to 80 percent of those in active duty.

I wonder whether it should be considered a national security issue?

(Again) When will Congress act?

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Anonymous said...

The list of veterans is a fairly complete list of current intelligence professionals, with a some other veterans included.

The list of active duty personnel is a list of future intelligence professionals, with some other people included.

Either list is a very good starting point for a methodical search for past, present, and future agents.