Anyone who's been checking the blog over the summer (or simply looks at the posting dates) has noticed that we've been a bit lax over the past month or so.

I now have a big backlog of posting candidates sitting in my email, and will do my best to post them over the next couple of weeks.

My summer was spent teaching, including a course on The Craft of Political Science Research, which included theory, discussion, and hands-on practice with a range of research methods, including several tech-supported approaches (e.g., online surveys, digital recording and transcription, content analysis).

Because it was a 6-week intensive, the entire class researched a single topic - privacy and surveillance - and I did not require a final paper. Rather, I encouraged each student to dig deeply into whatever aspect of the larger issues interested them, and apply the tools and concepts from class and the readings to learn more.

The course worked quite well (inasmuch as students seemed to enjoy and learn from the experience). I would very much appreciated comments and suggestions of the course, should anyone out there feel the urge.

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