More CAQDAS news

The CAQDAS market must be getting tighter. ATLAS.ti (another old-school CAQDAS package) recently announced not only update v5.2 (see below), but that they are now offering deeper academic discounts for students (now only $175 - a good deal).

The new version supports a wider variety of multimedia files (including video), and a flurry of program tweaks.

For those who haven't futzed with ATLAS.ti, think of it as a code-and-retrieve workhorse that's strongest with qualitative (e.g., grounded theory) assessment of text, visual, and audio data. Fun stuff, indeed.

Oh yeah - there's also a FREE trial version. No time limit, full functionality, minus some limitations on the number of documents and codings that can be applied. Think creatively, and this might be a good option for those teaching research methods.

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