Online survey tool

QuestionForm is an online survey tool that supports drag-and-drop design, standard response formats (multi- and radio choice, Likert scaling, narrative), linear and non-linear sequencing, multiple languages, etc.

It's FREE for 2 surveys per month (5 questions each), but for $20/mo, users can run 8 surveys (with unlimited questions). Results can be viewed live, via RSS or email, or exported to spreadsheet programs.

Along similar lines, you might consider Form Assembly, SurveyMonkey, PHPSurveyor, PollBuilder, or UM's survey system (for UM faculty and staff). Stephen Gourlay also put together a brief summary of online surveying a couple of years ago.

H/T to DownloadSquad for the QF link.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ken,

The new version of PHPSurveyor looks very promising. It will allow multi-language surveys and has a lot of new features compared to the old one. If you are able to install your own survey software and are low on money this is the best choice I can see since it is for free with source code.



Ken said...

Quite right, and thanks for the reminder, Cornelius. It's been awhile since I've looked at PHPSurveyor, and clearly the time has been well-spent on their side. I'd consider it a very strong candidate for large-scale surveys, though I imagine its apparent complexity might give many social scientists pause. Most of us are still trying to figure out how to use our email.