I've been a fan of GoogleEarth since it was used to report on the London transit bombings. Photos and commentary from those directly affected were available within an hour of the attacks, all in a data-rich spatial context.

Mashups appeared as soon as Google released the APIs for GoogleEarth (and its online cousin, GoogleMaps). The latest (by Imran Haque) spatially embeds US Census data, enabling users to see population and wealth distributions, voting patterns, and more - all within geographical context.

By making the KML formating code open-source, Haque hopes others will begin adding additional data.

H/T to John Battelle for the link. Also, thanks to Imran for clarification on the spelling of his last name and the direct link to his site (see comments).

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Imran said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm glad that you found gCensus interesting. The direct link to gCensus is http://gecensus.stanford.edu/gcensus/index.html - some readers have gotten the site confused with gcensus.com, which is a similar but unrelated project (its author and I coincidentally picked the same name). Also, my last name is "Haque", not "Hague".

Imran Haque